Logo Sugar Cookies

Logo Sugar Cookies

The wonderful team at Sophia's Cookie Creations love to design Logo Sugar Cookies for your VIP event, custom made logo cookies for your external stakeholders or existing staff members, product launches or promotional events at corporate stands.  If you want your brand to look luxury and high quality in style at your event, then look no further than our custom made Corporate Sugar Cookies.  

When you have selected the appropriate quantity of cookies, when you order online simply enter your business name and address details, we will then contact you to build out your Corporate Sugar Cookies aligned to your brand.  We would require an image file to be sent to our team and then we will create the edible cookie with your branding on it.  

Custom Cookie Request

You can also request the shape of your Cookies as well, simply enter your preferred shape in our comments section such as Circe, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon or custom design.  The team at Sophia's Cookie Creations have the expertise to custom design your Logo Sugar Cookies based on your requirement and we are happy to assist - just let us know what you need!  You can also request additional add-ons such as a Gold Leaf or White Rose, simply provide your request in the comments section of the order.  

Our team has done work for the following clients:

  • Coles
  • Virgin
  • Booking.com
  • Jims Mowing
  • Dulux
  • + many more

When you have placed your order online for your Logo Sugar Cookies, our team we will delivery straight to your door or corporate office prior to your event.  Please take into consideration that all our Logo Sugar Cookies are individually packed and heat sealed, therefore keeping freshness for approx. 6 weeks.  So our recommendations is to always request your delivery date a few days prior to your event so that your Logo Sugar Cookies arrive perfectly on time for your event.

The Team at Sophia's Cookie Creations look forward to working together on your project for you and making your brand stand out from the crowd!


Corporate Logo Cookies - Sophias Cookie Creations


Corporate Logo Cookies - Virgin Velocity

Corporate Logo Cookies - Dulux Australia